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Are you Over 40? Protect Your Teeth & Maintain Oral Hygiene with Prevora Treatments in Brampton

Along with exercising and eating right, dental health and oral hygiene are an important part of a healthy body and contribute to your overall quality of life. Regular dental checkups with your dentist in Brampton are extremely important in preventing tooth decay, and brushing and flossing your teeth at home on a daily basis also increases your oral hygiene.picture-19

The Brampton dentists at iSmile Dental in Brampton now offer Prevora, an effective and preventative tooth decay treatment for adults. As we get older, the gums protecting the roots of our teeth tend to recede and a regular toothbrush may not provide all the protection you need against the increase of bacteria that cases tooth decay.

Now there is a clear antibacterial coating called Prevora that can help prevent tooth decay at the root for patients over 40. The clear coating is applied with a gentle brush to the teeth in 4 short visits over a two month time period, and can help prevent root decay before it starts.

To learn more, or to book an appointment for Prevora treatment with a Brampton dentist, call our practice toll-free at 905-457-4706 today.